Alcomij introduces the precision ventilation hinge, a new solution for even more precise and energy-saving air control in greenhouses. This ingenious mechanism, improves control over air exchange, resulting in an optimal growing climate and lower energy costs.

Double the control of your greenhouse ventilation

The core of the precision ventilation hinge is a damper that slows the opening of vents by 3%. Equipping 50% of the windows in a chessboard pattern with this hinge improves the control of air exchange throughout the greenhouse, especially in the crucial lower 3% opening position.

The benefits of the precision ventilation hinge.

This innovation offers numerous benefits to greenhouse builders and growers:

  • Improved control over humidity, CO2 and temperature: More precise ventilation results in a more stable growing climate, creating optimal growing conditions for crops. This leads to higher yields, better quality and a shortened growing cycle.
  • Energy savings: By minimizing unnecessary air exchange, the precision ventilation hinge significantly reduces energy consumption. This contributes to a lower carbon footprint and saves money on energy costs.
  • Easy installation and use: The precision ventilation hinge is easy to install on existing rail mechanisms of vents. No electrical or software modifications are required, making implementation quick and trouble-free.
  • Low investment, high return: The investment in precision ventilation hinges is relatively low, while the returns in terms of energy savings, crop optimization and extended life of the air mechanism are significant.


The precision ventilation hinge is a great complement to Alcomij’s Caeli climate solution. These products offer growers a complete package for optimal climate control and energy efficiency.

Alcomij has been an established supplier in the greenhouse industry for decades.

We pride ourselves on our innovative solutions that help growers worldwide produce more sustainably and efficiently. The precision ventilation hinge is a new development in our commitment to continually improve and support the successful future of greenhouse farming.

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