The Venlo carbio for maximum ventilation capacity

Alcomij developed the Cabrio greenhouse roof system for the tree and plant sector. The entire greenhouse roof can be ventilated, offering maximum ventilation capacity. With the Cabrio system you can combine greenhouse cultivation with outside conditions.

More UV light

The ventilation windows hinge in the gutter and can be fully opened, enabling more UV light to reach the plant. The Cabrio greenhouse roof system protects the crop in extreme weather conditions.

Benefits Cabrio roof system


Suitable for tree and plant sector

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High-end sealing

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Ventilation windows can be fully opened

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Maximum ventilation capacity


More UV light

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Suitable for roofing in glass

Technical details

All our cabrio greenhouse roofs are customised, which means that contact with the customer is vital. We use a MathCad program ‘Glazenstad’, developed especially by TNO, to ensure that your new cabrio greenhouse roof system meets all local applicable standards and loads.

The Alcomij carbio greenhouse system is well-known for its rapid fool-proof installation and high condensation drainage capacity.

Alcomij’s cabrio greenhouse system is suitable glass roofing only.