The Venlo solar for sustainable cultivation

Alcomij has the in-house expertise required for the customised development and production of customer-specific solutions. If you or your customer aim for more sustainable cultivation, the Venlo Solar is an excellent option. The use of solar panels means that solar power is converted into sustainable electricity. This makes an ideal combination of energy generation and crop production.

Benefits Solar roof system

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For aluminium framed solar panels

noun_solar panel_1874244

Panels enclosed with rubber on four sides


Quick and easy to install

noun_Ventilation On_95603

High ventilation capacity


100% recyclable

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High residual value

Technical details

All our Venlo Solar systems have a high ventilation capacity to cool the solar panels. Alcomij offers roof systems for use with laminated solar panels (without frame) as well as solar panels with frame. Alcomij roof systems are manufactured from aluminium, making them 100% recyclable with a high residual value.