A customised system for every nursery
Our aluminium mobile benches help your customer to utilise the growing surface as efficiently as possible. For each project, we customise the mobile benches to the specific wishes and requirements concerning health & safety, hygiene, productivity, loads and available space. We are also actively involved in specific cultivation developments. This means that we have a customised system for every nursery.

The knowledge and experience gained over many years following intensive development and test processes resulted in fully patented and superior mobile benches. One’s that are also extremely suitable for the export.

The design of all our benches allow the use of a variarity of bases such as KEV, mesh, EPS and/or aluminium.

Benefits Growing benches

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Excellent and reproducible quality


Extremely suitable for the export

noun_House_620040 (1)

A sleek finisch

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Suitable for various groups of (medicinal) plants


Easy to install

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Smart irrigation options

Technical details

Benches in welded finish
These sleek designed and robust benches are fully tailored to your customer’s specific requirements and manufactured by us in-house. These aluminium benches can also be delivered in parts. There are some restrictions to assembling these benches on site, however, due to the welding smoke, the required process controls and the expertise needed for welding these benches.

The Moduline
Because of the smart screw connections and the installation template included with the product, no specific knowledge is required to assemble the sleek, strong and fully patented Moduline on site. Making this bench ideal for export. Due to the simplicity of the assembly process, the assembly of the Moduline mobile bench can be paused or carried out in small batches. This enables you to adjust the assembly to the delivery of your plant material.

Aluminium roller bench
The Alcomij roller bench is essentially a fixed growing bench, although the smart design means that the bench can be manoeuvred from left to right easily without compromising its stability. This enables the grower to organise the cultivation area as efficiently as possible while retaining the effective working space between the roller benchs.

The bench comes as a construction kit, complete with a galvanised steel support structure and crop-specific base. Thanks to the easy-to-understand instructions, prefab parts with smart connection techniques, accessories and corner pieces, it is easy to assemble the bench on site.