Don’t miss Alcomij at Greentech Amsterdam 2024, the Worldwide meeting place for professionals in the horticultural industry. From June 11 to 13, you can find us in Hall 1, booth number 506.

Greentech Amsterdam is the place to get acquainted with the latest innovations in horticultural technology. Growers, suppliers and researchers come together here to network, learn and make deals.

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Focus on early stages and current issues

During Greentech, the focus is on the early stages of the horticultural supply chain and current issues facing growers. These include climate change, water shortages and the increasing demand for sustainable food production. GreenTech is supported by AVAG, the trade association for the greenhouse technology sector in the Netherlands.

Innovative greenhouse solutions at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024

In addition to our familiar greenhouse roof systems and greenhouse structures, we are proud to display several novelties at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024.

Our innovations:

  • Various greenhouse roof systems: Alcomij will show a wide range of Optinova greenhouse roof systems during Greentech, suitable for glass to sandwich and solar..
  • Solar greenhouse roof system: Make your greenhouse more sustainable with our unique Solar greenhouse roof system. This system combines a high-quality greenhouse roof with integrated solar panels, with which you generate your own energy (self-sufficient). This saves on energy costs and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • New ETFE foil panel and ventilation ridge: These innovative products guarantee optimal light output and energy efficiency for an optimal growing climate, suitable for traditional as well as semi-closed greenhouses.
  • Caeli™ greenhouse climate solution: our innovative greenhouse climate solution that focuses on precision greenhouse climate.
  • Precision ventilation hinge (Our entry for the GreenTech Innovation & Concept Awards): The system connects the window pushers to the pull-push rod via a damper, slowing the opening transition by 3%. By installing this on 50% of the windows in a chessboard pattern, it doubles the control of air exchange in the greenhouse for the bottom 3% of the opening position.

During GreenTech Amsterdam 2024, our experienced greenhouse system specialists will be on hand to answer your questions and advise you on the best greenhouse solutions for your project.

Alcomij: your partner for innovative horticultural solutions

Alcomij has been a reliable partner for growers in the horticultural sector for more than 55 years. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions that help you optimize your cultivation and increase your yield.

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