A smart and lightweight design

We have been developing and producing flower trolleys at Alcomij for over 35 years. We were involved in the development of the flower trolleys for FloraHolland. This resulted in all our lightweight flower trolleys being used by all flower and plant auction houses for efficient transport of millions of flowers and plants at these distribution centres. Alcomij is now market leader in aluminium flower trolleys and we are also supplying these customised flower trolleys more frequently to other parties in industry and the potato, vegetable and fruit sector.

Benefits Flower trolleys

noun_custom design_1555268

Custom design


Extremely lightweight

noun_Move_436866 (1)

Excellent manoeuvrability

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Available with many options


Extremely easy to handle

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Durable swivel and fixed castors

Technical details

A significant advantage of our aluminium flower trolleys is their user-friendliness. The lightweight aluminium design ensures that the flower trolleys are easy to handle. The flower trolleys can also be separated easily and the durable swivel and fixed castors ensure excellent manoeuvrability.

In short, the Alcomij flower trolley is a high-quality product, characterised by a long service life and optimum manoeuvrability.