A well designed gable for a desired appearance

The Alcomij gable system is proof that you can achieve stunning gable solutions based on good cooperation, knowledge and many years’ experience. A well-designed gable provides greenhouses with the appearance desired by many growers and local residents.

The sleek design of the Slimline gable has a wide glass support, is flat and is suitable for all common greenhouse types, including Venlo and Widespan greenhouse roof systems. The various types of gables are easy to install and can be equipped with 4 mm, 6 mm and 16 mm single glazing, 2 layers of 4 mm single glazing and 16 mm polycarbonate plates (SDP). The gables for garden centres and commercial spaces can be equipped with so-called insulating gables.

Benefits Slimline gable system

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Flat and sleek design


Easy to install

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Integrable gable ventilation

noun_waterproof_123969 (2)

Waterproofing guaranteed

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Wide glass support

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Optimal insulation value

Technical details

As stated previously, the Alcomij Slimline gable system offers the contemporary look that many growers want. We supply the gable as standard with white PVC strips. But you can also opt for a finish with rubber.

Double pins in the gable connect the glass support profiles and the wall bars. Double pins prevent the gable glass support profiles from tilting. Slimline system grooves are of sufficient depth to absorb scoring of the gable as a consequence of the system’s thermal expansion and shrinkage.

A two-part top bar provides a perfect connection to the side gable at the side of the gutter, ensuring a durable construction.

The insulating gable system

As well as offering optimum insulation and waterproofing, the Alcomij insulating gable system also has the desired presentable and high-quality look.

Suitable for insulating glass

The screw strip ensures that the horizontal bars and vertical stacking profiles provide a precise connection and are finished in an anodised or RAL colour powder coated aluminium end strip. The Alcomij insulating gable is suitable for 6 mm laminated glass or 16 mm insulating glass.