Ventiguard insect netting

A strategic participation in Ventiguard

Alcomij has acquired a strategic stake in Ventiguard. Both companies have been talking about this participation for quite some time. Laurens Besemer, managing director at Ventiguard and Theo Sanders, managing …

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Video flower trolley production

Recordings flower trolley production

Since the early 1980s, we at Alcomij have been developing and producing aluminum flower trolleys for various auctions such as FloraHolland. In addition, many of our trolleys find their destination with flower …

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De nieuwe Celaschi flexroedefrees

Expansion machinery

Further expansion of machinery in the aluminum department of Alcomij. In order to continue to guarantee the quality, continuity and timeliness of our aluminum greenhouse solutions, Alcomij has further expanded …

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Lente feestdagen.

Spring holidays

Spring has arrived and that means that the spring holidays are just around the corner. For that reason we will be closed on the following dates: Monday, April 5th Tuesday, April 27th Thursday, May 13th Monday, …

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Covid-19 sneltestset.

Kick off 2021

We kicked the year off in style at our own Corona test location. From intake to company doctor and from rapid Corona tests to coffee with a treat at the Alcomij waiting room. All arranged by our own Corona team…

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Alcomij - kerstgroet website small 2020.

Season’s greetings

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for the pleasant cooperation over the past year. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and above all a healthy 2021!

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Alcomij – Collega Ronald Bezemer

Mbo-4 graduate mechanical engineering

To graduate and then find a challenging job. It all is possible, even during times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through a temporary employment agency we got to know this young technical enthusiast who has now …

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Wntweb – Vlog bij Alcomij Juul en Jim

Vlog Wntweb

This year not a day of Westland technology, but a month of Westland technology! A new vlog will appear every week until the autumn holidays. By means of these Wntweb vlogs primary school childeren of groups 7 …

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Alcomij – Stagiair Brian Aarse

Internship hbo-werktuigbouwkunde

This head coach JO11 from VV-Naaldwijk has been doing an internship at our engineering department for a few weeks now. Of course not to improve the condition of our fellow colleagues, but to further automate …

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Optinova Duijvestein klein

Construction Optinova™

The next generation grower Duijvestijn, awarded world’s best tomato grower in 2015, is expanding its production greenhouse. In the expansion of about 10 hectares, the most beautiful and tastiest tomatoes …

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