Omleidingsroute week 47 en 48

Accessibility Alcomij

Due to road construction work the Rijnvaartweg will be closed from Monday 18th untill Friday the 29th of November coming. This means that the road between Alcomij’s access bridge and the Koningin …

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Roltafel met cannabis 4 featured

The aluminium roller growing bench

Since the full legalisation of cannabis cultivation in North America, the demand for smart cultivation solutions has increased significantly in recent years. Old sheds, warehouses, factories and greenhouses …

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Alcomij - Optinova - goot (van boven)


As Greenhouse horticulture partner we develop and manufacture smart greenhouse horticulture solutions. Our latest innovation is the aluminium greenhouse roof system Optinova™. Thanks to high-quality materials…

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Alcomij – rolkweektafel (grootste uitsnede)

A new growing bench

The Alcomij roller bench is essentially a fixed growing bench, although the smart design means that the bench can easily be manoeuvred from left to right without compromising its stability. This enables growers…

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foto – alcomij – beurswand

A new greenhouse roof system

Greenhouse constructors can rely on a smart and extremely strong greenhouse roof system, which is characterised by significantly lower light interception and maximum air and water tightness. Alcomij will be …

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Opvouwbare krat ingeklapt deel

A smart stacking crate

For many years, Alcomij has been producing steel crates for the storage and distribution of plastic packaging especially for the food industry. These multifunctional crates can be conveniently taken apart when …

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Dag Westlandse Tech 2018 featured

A cool morning at Alcomij!

7 graders of the Prins Willem Alexander and 8 graders of the John F. Kennedy primary school from ‘s-Gravenzande experienced a cool morning at Alcomij last Friday during the day of the ‘Westlandse …

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Dag van de Westlandse Techniek nieuws featured image

The day of the ‘Westlandse Techniek’

Over the coming years, the demand for well educated technical employees will continue to grow in the Westland area. Therefore it is time for action and to start investing in today’s youth! Coming Friday…

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Precise and neat sawing

At Alcomij we continuously work on the modernisation of our own production facilities. In this way we ensure that our production capacity perfectly matches the current market demand. For that reason we did not …

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