An image of Alcomij's stackable steel crate

Video production flower trolleys

Flower trolleys are indispensable for transporting flowers and plants. Our 904 trolley is a much-sold type because of its robust design. Sebastiaan van der Stap and his team are responsible for the production …

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Wntweb – Vlog bij Alcomij Juul en Jim

Vlog Wntweb

This year not a day of Westland technology, but a month of Westland technology! A new vlog will appear every week until the autumn holidays. By means of these Wntweb vlogs primary school childeren of groups 7 …

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Optinova Duijvestein klein

Construction Optinova™

The next generation grower Duijvestijn, awarded world’s best tomato grower in 2015, is expanding its production greenhouse. In the expansion of about 10 hectares, the most beautiful and tastiest tomatoes …

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Project – Green Valley De Lier (klein)

Project Green Valley

Cycling from De Lier to Maasland via the Kralingerpad and the Kreekrug in the Westland area in The Netherlands, you will come across the by Van Amelsvoort Kassenbouw in 2019 constructed greenhouse of Alcomij …

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Stapelwagens | flower trolleys

The life of a flower trolley

For over 35 years we have been developing and producing aluminum flower trolleys for e.g. the international marketplaces for flowers and plants, flower traders and growers. It’s awesome that these …

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Optinova - Nokverbinding

Optinova™ video

As greenhouse builder, with the Optinova™ you’re ready for the future! And you can offer your clients a robust, diverse and solid greenhouse roof system. Its strength and rigidity, extensive range of uses, …

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Alcomij – leaflet L-W-EN-008-0519 – Foldable stacking crates (V1.14) – cover photo

Foldable stacking crate

For many years, Alcomij has been producing steel crates for the storage and distribution of plastic packaging specially for the food industry. These multifunctional hot-dip galvanised steel crates can be …

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