With the merger between ‘Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer’ and ‘Flora Holland Naaldwijk’ in 2008, the need arose to align all auction carts and thus develop a uniform interchangeable flower trolley.

Modify and expand trolleys
After a long and intensive period of preparation and development, Alcomij was eventually appointed as the main contractor for modifying and expanding the entire auction cart fleet. The conversion of the first batch of 137,500 so-called Naaldwijk carts started in January 2010. In May of that same year the modification of a batch of 130,000 so called Aalsmeer carts was started.

For the production of the new flower trolleys, Alcomij erected several production locations with the most advanced production lines in order to process the production of the flower trolleys as efficient as possible with a controlled flow.

After the modification of all the auction carts and the production of the completely new type of flower trolleys, Flora-Holland has only been working with this new standard type trolley since the end of 2012. The Flora-Holland 1-Kar flower trolley.


Project information



With the merger between 'Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer' and 'Flora Holland Naaldwijk' in 2008, the need arose to align all auction carts and thus develop a uniform interchangeable flower trolley.

Innovation by Alcomij
An easy to handle and lightweight aluminium design for excellent manoeuvrability. Provided with very durable swivel and fixed castors to guarantee a long service life.

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What is it?

Lightweight flower trolleys are being used by all flower and plant auction houses for efficient transport of millions of flowers and plants.

Why choose it?

  • Custom made
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  • Excellent manoeuvrability

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Aluminium flower trolleys

We are a reliable, innovative and independent partner that understands what is important in the relationship between the greenhouse constructor and grower. At Alcomij we’ve been playing to our strengths since 1969: developing and manufacturing products such as modern aluminium flower trolleys!

Manufactured entirely from aluminium, therefore extremely lightweight and very easy to handle. A piece of smart engineering!