The measures surrounding the Corona virus had and still have a major impact. But as we carefully work our way out of the intelligent lock-down, we discover once again how inventive and flexible the employees are.

The office environment

With the usual passion for what they do, Martin and Carl (part of the Alcomij Corona team), have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks to make the organization inventively Corona Proof. They came up with a solution for the 1.5mtr. distance between the office workplaces, so-called spit screens and a smart door handle. With the latter it is possible to open doors without using hands.
We also thought carefully about receiving relations, because the hospitable Alcomij also wants to remain accessible to everyone within the new normal. Therefore, a separate sanitary room has been set up for visitors and the reception and meeting rooms have been adapted to accommodate the 1.5 meter distance.

The production environment

Naturally, we have also worked hard within the production environment to ensure that everyone can do their work in accordance with the new normal. For example, distance lines have been installed, a separate sanitary room has been set up for drivers, a start time & break spread and workplaces of machine operators have been shielded and / or divided to allow a the 1.5 mtr. distance.

Thanks to all the inventiveness, flexibility and good cooperation of colleagues, it is – with taking the primary measures into account – now very possible to get back to work and to work from your own workplace. Nice and… efficient!

Alcomij #Together strong against Corona!