The 13th edition of the annual Westland Day of Technology is scheduled for Friday 25 September. Due to the situation around Corona, the WNTweb thoroughly thought about whether or not it would be wise to continue this event.
“The schools are currently in a phase of restarting the lessons and companies have to deal with rules and restrictions during work. The economic consequences are also heavy for many companies, almost all companies want to keep other additional activities limited for the time being. Also, it is expected that restrictions will continue to play an (even more) important role after the summer holidays.” says Paul Steyn of WNTweb.
All in all, WNTweb (in consultation with ISW Hoge Woerd) has decided not to continue the Westland Day of Technology on 25 September 2020. This automatically means that Alcomij will not welcome any 7th and 8th graders at their premises this year. However, in order to show these groups how much fun the technique is, we are investigating the possibilities of giving them some sort of “virtual” impression of Alcomij. More on that later.