Over the coming years, the demand for well educated technical employees will continue to grow in the Westland area. Therefore it is time for action and to start investing in today’s youth!

Getting 8-graders interested for a technical education

Coming Friday (the 28th of September) the WNTWeb, in collaboration with local schools and day-care organisations, will offer 8-graders the opportunity to visit several technical companies during the already 11th edition of the ‘Dag van de Westlandse Techniek’. A good and low-threshold initiative with which the WNTWeb encourages pupils to keep an open mind for technics.

On this day the students will get acquainted with 2 technical companies by means of a guided tour and a simple DIY-activity. And just like previous editions, Alcomij will also receive two local primary schools; the CBS Prins Willem Alexander and the KBS John F. Kennedy. During the visit, the 8-graders will experience how hypermodern and challenging the technics are and that it is really interesting and fun to opt for a technical education.