Since the full legalisation of cannabis cultivation in North America, the demand for smart cultivation solutions has increased significantly in recent years.

Old sheds, warehouses, factories and greenhouses are being made suitable for the cultivation of large amounts of medicinal cannabis. In order to organise the cultivation area in those diverse environments as efficiently and flexibly as possible in compliance with the health & safety requirements, aluminium roller benches are used. These special growing benches, which are fitted with a crop-specific base, are raised off the ground on galvanised steel frames, thus creating the ideal cultivation conditions for cannabis growers.

For many years, we have been actively involved in the automated horticulture sector and in the development of the accompanying growing benches. Thanks to this experience, we know better than anyone how to gear the benches to the cultivation conditions and the wishes of the grower, with due regard for the specific permitted loads and available space. The roller bench which we developed specially for cannabis cultivation is a good example of this.

The aluminium cannabis roller bench

The cannabis roller bench is essentially a fixed growing bench. Despite this, the smart design means that the bench can easily be manoeuvred from left to right without compromising its stability. This enables the grower to organise the cultivation area as efficiently as possible while retaining the effective working space between the roller benches.

The modular design of this aluminium roller growing bench guarantees easy assembly and simple installation at every desired location, anywhere in the world!