This head coach JO11 from VV-Naaldwijk has been doing an internship at our engineering department for a few weeks now. Of course not to improve the condition of our fellow colleagues, but to further automate all drawings of our liftable greenhouse gable under the supervision of colleagues Wim Nowé and Gerhard van Leerdam. In other words, Brian will ensure that the hole pattern in the profiles on the drawing will automatically change as the length and/or width of the profile changes. For this he will start designing/engineering in AutoCad® and then also process it into Inventor®.

Did you find Alcomij via the HHS-Delft company day organised by student association NOVA? “No, but I did meet you there. In my spare time, I spend quite a lot of hours at Logiqs in Maasdijk. When I indicated that I was looking for an internship, they suggested to contact Alcomij. After some mail exchanges and a brief introductory meeting, we soon agreed on the assignment and now I’ve been here for a couple of weeks,” says Brian.

Brian hopes to graduate in two years time and to allow himself to realise his ambitions. “In my spare time I have been able to gain quite a bit of knowledge of the sector, so it seems challenging to me to supervise a complete sector-related project from start to finish, to take care of things myself, to keep an overview and to monitor the progress of the project. Anyway, I am very diverse and find many things interesting to do. From warehouse to office, I like to take care of everything“.

Brian’s internship with us is until the 5th of February 2021.