Meanwhile, the holiday period is already in full swing and most colleagues take the time to go out with the family. But there are also those who choose to join our us during this period, Xander Bax is such a colleague.

Xander is a nice and sporty mbo4 megatronics student at the ROC Mondriaan. After first completing his internship at Alcomij, he now lends the colleagues of our technical service department a hand during this rather hectic summer period.

Last year, Xander was also working for Alcomij during the summer holiday period. “It is very nice to help the technical service. The colleagues are very nice and helpful. I get the opportunity to think along in finding solutions. For example, I arranged a new punch together with colleague Adriaan, together we devised an easily exchangeable stamp for a new Slimline profile and I designed a special staircase for our own department. ”

This creative youngster has recently discovered that he particularly enjoys the combination of working with the hands and working at a desk from which he can devise and draw up good solutions through the various computer programs. “It is really cool to introduce young people to Alcomij and our industry in this way. Especially if you can also offer them the opportunity to find out what they really would enjoy in their working life, ”says John Duncan (head of technical service).

Also looking for holiday work? Or are you looking for a technical internship? Alcomij is a recognized training company and is regularly looking for young enthusiastic people with whom they like to share their love for the profession.