Out of 10,000 selected companies the expert committee of the Hillenraad100 ranks Hordijk’s subsidiary Alcomij at 26th position. And we are really proud of that!

One hundred leading companies

The Hillenraad100 includes the annual ranking of the hundred leading companies in the knowledge and capital-intensive (glass) horticultural cluster. The prestigious list shows the entire cluster, divided over seven segments. Hillenraad100 has been the monitor of developments in the Dutch Horti cluster since 2003. The Hillenraad100 identifies, indicates and looks ahead.

Only 1 percent of the companies in the Dutch Horticultural cluster achieve the Hillenraad100. A listing in the list is a recognition for leading entrepreneurship. These companies show vision, courage and entrepreneurship and are a beacon for the cluster.

The assessment

The Hillenraad100 research team analyses the performance of companies based on a unique and self-developed business model that is continuously adapted. The team makes choices in what the important moves towards the future are and assesses how companies respond to them. They are assisted in this by a professional Expert Committee.

(source: Hillenraad100)