In addition to the development and production of the aluminum greenhouse roof and greenhouse gable systems, Alcomij also produces steel structures for greenhouses. These so-called steel greenhouse structures are specially developed to support aluminum greenhouse roof systems. But also the more complex steel structures, such as structures suitable for multiple cultivation layer systems, internal transport systems, semi-closed greenhouse systems and stable construction systems, can be found in Alcomij’s range of steel solutions.


At Alcomij they believe in continuous innovation and high quality. That is why they are not only continuously working on improving the product range, but above all on modernising the aluminum and steel production facilities. After all, only then you can seamlessly connect to the needs of the customer. And based on that philosophy, students and Young Professionals are regularly challenged by Alcomij. This also applies to Don Dijkhuizen, a student at The Hague University of Applied Science with a passion for machine building and automation.

The assignment

Don was challenged to develop a welding jig that can clamp 80% of all trellis truss types to be produced and can then be used for welding by a welding robot installation.

In the beginning there was little information about the assignment itself, so studies were set up first to allow to set a definition, a package of requirements and a function analysis. These studies answered questions such as: what has been achieved within Alcomij over the years?, What is the production process? and how are trusses worked out? Following these studies, functions were set up by means of methodical design and it became possible to search for the so-called ‘functievervullers’. Different concepts were set up with all their ‘functievervullers’, after which a final concept was chosen by means of a selection matrix. This concept has been elaborated in detail as a 3D model with a file for setting this template. ” said Don.

Nice working atmosphere with nice employees

When asked what appealed to Don the most about his time at Alcomij, he says: “The unknown. Apart from the desired result, little was clear about the assignment it self. This allowed me to fully draw up my own plan to achieve a good result. ” But I also liked the collaboration with the colleagues of Alcomij. ” Don continues. Despite working independently, I was well supported where necessary, so that we came to a good outcome together. For that reason alone, I would recommend Alcomij as a company. ” Don smiles. “They have fun and challenging assignments that would appeal to any motivated student. During the internship, a lot is possible and everyone will provide you with sufficient support to successfully complete your assignment. Furthermore, the company has a nice working atmosphere with nice employees. ”

Are you also looking for a nice graduation assignment?

From production to engineering and from administration to marketing, there is always an opportunity to gain practical experience at Alcomij. Under good guidance, they will gladly introduce you to the dynamics of the company and the industry in which they operate. After all, only in this way you can experience how much fun and innovative international greenhouse horticulture is!