In this bizarre time, it is important to remain involved in what is happening in our immediate environment. We see, hear and feel the impact that Corona has on our people, the sector, healthcare, the elderly, etc. So of course Alcomij took on the challenge of greenhouse builder Debets Schalke last week and bought flowers from Chrysanthemum grower Gert Staalduinen (‘s- Gravenzande The Netherlands). He too has been affected by the measures with regard to the Corona virus. Gert Staalduinen appreciated the #flowerboostchallenge initiative and thanked Alcomij on behalf of the floriculture industry for participating.

Het Oudeland

With the purchase of the beautiful #StaalduinenChrysanthemums, we not only put a heart to the floriculture industry, but also to those living in the service apartments of the Oude Land resident in ‘s-Gravenzande. They, the elderly in our neighbourhood, are also disproportionately affected by the situation around the Corona virus. After all, many of them are now socially isolated due to the limited number of allowed visits and their own fear of going out.

So with this #flowerboostchallenge we will kill two birds with one stone and try to lend a hand.

Who else is also passionate about this initiative?

Debets Schalke challenged us and in return we challenged Logiqs BV, Snelder BV and HetHeleWestland to support this initiative as well.