In the past 4 months, three experienced colleagues from our steel production department and our technical service department followed an intensive European Welding Coordinator course with recognized NIL trainer Hatek in Wateringen. A fairly tough training that provides experienced welding workers the opportunity to keep on working as an EWCP-B within Alcomij in accordance with NEN EN-1090.

A serious and specialist training

The course is supervised by the Dutch Institute of Welding Technology (NIL) and is given in accordance with the guidelines of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF). A serious and specialist training! One that provides experienced welding workers such as Thomas, John and Abbas even more confidence in their daily work as supervisor. “It is very important to properly support welders in their daily work,” say the three gentlemen. “Only in this way is it possible to increase the level of knowledge within our teams. But also to ensure that the actual welding meets all requirements.”
“We really need to prevent imperfections in our work,” says John. “That’s why it was good to take this course. After all, you have to complete and know all common welding processes and to be able to explain and/or describe it. In addition, you learn a lot about the standards and requirements of the products to be welded and all possible imperfections in a weld ”, Thomas adds. “And looking at that … you could write a whole book about it,” the men laugh.

Although the three men had to work very hard for it, none of them had any doubts obtaining this coveted diploma. They are colleagues who stand for their profession and are now proud European Welding Coordinators. Congrats!