The majority of Alcomij’s steel structures are designed and produced on a project basis for various locations around the world. In order to keep meeting the ever-growing demand for high-quality (customised) substructures, Alcomij recently purchased an Adige LT8.10 laser tube for its steel department.

The Adige LT8.10 Laser Tube

This fully automated tube laser is helping to optimise the production process at Alcomij. For example, the smart software ensures that the machine can be controlled directly from the Engineer’s desk so that no more error-sensitive manual operations need to be performed. Fixed predefined control points help achieve an efficient and virtually error-free production process.

Thanks to the speed and the smart versatile cutting head, the Adige LT 8.10 is a welcome addition to Alcomij’s machine pool. “It means we can automatically and efficiently cut large volumes of steel with very precise and accurate results”, says Erik Schafer (Manager Sales). “And with the current scale increases in the sector, this gives us a huge advantage as far as the planning of the total production process is concerned.”

According to Schäfer, this new tube laser means that Alcomij is now ready for the future. “It’s now even easier to quickly and efficiently produce the more complex (customised) structures, such as those for multiple cultivation layers and for semi-close greenhouses, as well as the high-quality lightweight steel substructures for production greenhouses,”, says Schäfer.