Alcomij has acquired a strategic stake in Ventiguard. Both companies have been talking about this participation for quite some time. Laurens Besemer, managing director at Ventiguard and Theo Sanders, managing director at Alcomij are satisfied with the acquired interest:

“For Alcomij, the collaboration with Ventiguard is an obvious choice: we see the market share of insect netting increasing very quickly, and expect that its use will become standard in every greenhouse. The collaboration allows us to positively respond to the total needs of our customers. In addition, the product fits in very well with Alcomij’s new developments in relation to ‘precision climate’ which will be introduced soon,” says Theo.

“Ventiguard is changing from start-up to scale-up. At this stage, we need technological expertise, power and even greater innovative capacity. The collaboration with Alcomij helps us to achieve our objectives and to serve our customers even better. As Ventiguard, we remain focused on developing innovative insect netting systems for the entire horticultural sector, so regardless of which roof system is used,” says Laurens.

About Ventiguard
Ventiguard is a supplier of insect netting systems for the horticulture, in particular the so-called HARMONICA systems. When it was founded, it took over the knowledge and experience of Huisman Scherming. That knowledge and experience goes back more than thirty years. The company has put quality and innovation high on the agenda, and recently launched a highly innovative guide, the GAAS-FIX.

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