7 graders of the Prins Willem Alexander and 8 graders of the John F. Kennedy primary school from ‘s-Gravenzande experienced a cool morning at Alcomij last Friday during the day of the ‘Westlandse Techniek’.

A cool experience

After a brief introduction of Alcomij and some practical safety tips, all pupils teamed up for a fun and educative tour through our steel and aluminium factory. They were introduced to some technical posibilities of our new Adige LT 8.10 lasertube and took part in a real quality test of a steel crate.

The kids had a cool experience! And according to one little girl “working in a factory isn’t so bad at all”. And one of the boys was so enthusiastic, he already saw himself working for Alcomij. “It is just super cool!”

So who knows… they might be the ones choosing a technical career!