For storage and distribution

At Alcomij we supply steel crates in various versions and heights. This means that these can be used within the food industry for the storage and distribution of plastic packaging.

Maximum load

Our smart stackable racks, enable the crate to be divided into two layers. This means that the crate can be loaded to the maximum without damaging the bottom product layer. Ideal for your lorries’ optimum load factor.

Benefits Crates


Hot-dip galvanised

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noun_puzzle pieces_1019224

Easy to dismantle

noun_divide_1604205 (2)

Dividable top rack


For industrial use

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Available in various versions

Technical details

The steel crates are hot-dip galvanised, are stackable and can be dismantled easily. They can be equipped with a dividable top rack, enabling your employees to reach easily to the bottom of the crate.