Smart aluminium lightweight tubes for optimum greenhouse heating

In the horticulture industry we have used aluminium heating tubes for hoistable heating for many years. These offer considerable advantages compared with traditional round steel tubes. The tubes are lightweight and their unique design enables heat delivery to be directed. The smart and sleek design enables the heating profiles to direct heat close to the crop using less water and the heating system responds more quickly. This means: improved results for you and your customer.

At Alcomij we supply greenhouse heating tubes in various versions. We use your heating requirements and greenhouse dimensions to ensure an optimum greenhouse heating system.

Benefits Greenhouse heating systems


Lightweight aluminium tubes

noun_hoist_234554 (2)

Suitable as hoistable heating

noun_House_620040 (1)

Smart and sleek design

noun_Heat_65826 (3)

Direct heat to the crop

noun_Minus Droplet_672116

Using less water

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Quick heat respons

Technical details

During the production process, all aluminium heating tubes undergo a surface treatment. The so-called anodisation of the tube creates a product that requires no maintenance under normal conditions. The supplied couplings on the turned ends enable the tubes to be fitted together easily. This also means that they are immediately waterproof.