A multifunctional steel crate
For many years, Alcomij has been producing steel crates for the storage and distribution of plastic packaging specially for the food industry. These multifunctional hot-dip galvanised steel crates can be completely dismantled, which is convenient when the crates are not in use and there is less storage and/or transport volume available.

However, dismantling the existing crates and putting them back together again is a labour-intensive and therefore expensive process. So it’s time for a change!

What’s new?
As referred to above, during the development process due care was taken with the permitted loads and the health & safety and efficiency requirements. As a result, the foldable stacking crate is fitted with smaller meshes, a collapsible head rack on two sides, an easy-to-manoeuvre locking system and a smart and flexible folding system so that the crate can easily and quickly be folded and unfolded by 1 person.

Benefits Foldable stacking crate


Hot-dip galvanised

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Easy to fold

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NEN-EN 13626


Industrial use

noun_Shield_165018 protection (1)

Balanced protection

Technical details

Interchangeable with the old steel crate
Alcomij’s foldable stacking crate is based on the wishes and requirements for food safety, permitted loads, health & safety and efficiency! Like its predecessor, this steel stacking crate is hot-dip galvanised and can also be divided into two layers by means of ‘stack racking’. The new crate is fully interchangeable with the old steel crate so the transition from the old to the new crate can take place gradually.

NEN-EN 13626 compliant
The new crate fully complies with NEN-EN 13626. When folded out, this steel crate measures 1200x1000x1200 mm and can be folded back to 1200x1000x370 mm. It also has a larger sticker plate and a fixed location for barcode and/or tag labels.