Especially developed for specific environmental conditions

At Alcomij we develop and produce smart and sustainable cultivation solutions. The semi-closed greenhouse is a good example of this. It was developed especially for specific environmental conditions requiring improved climate control in the greenhouse. But also for situations involving energy-efficient cultivation combined with optimum production.

The local climate conditions and your customer’s specific crop requirements form a good basis to make the correct selection of components and dimensions. After all, one location may require more cooling at certain times which means that cooling with conditioned outside air is a solution. And elsewhere, high humidity may require a controlled flow of dry air.

Benefits Semi-closed roof system

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Improved climate control

noun_energy scale_2005009

Lower energy consumption

noun_co2 emissions_1506299 (3)

Lower CO2 emissions

noun_No Pesticides_1394253 (2)

Less use of pesticides


More sustainable production

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More efficient air flow close to the plant

Technical details

The semi-closed greenhouse can thus be cooled using conditioned outside air. This air will then enter the greenhouse in a controlled way via corridors fitted to the outermost edge of the gable and wall. The corridor is used as a chamber in which various types of air (dry, humid, hot, cold etc.) are mixed together before flowing into the greenhouse.

To further optimise these air flows, we offer well-integrated solutions using different ventilation principles, including sliding and swing windows. In short, the semi-closed greenhouse system offers you and your customer a system that is suitable in all climate conditions.